Friday, September 25, 2009

Nobody Cares You're Gay and the Washington Post report some stats (stats!!!!)

But I'm the only one who cared to embed the video

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council (FRC) reported the results from the Values Voter Summit 2009:

Ralph Z. Hallow publishes: Abortion ranked first among issues of concern to straw-poll voters, getting 41 percent of the vote, with protection of religious liberty second with 18 percent. Opposition to same-sex marriage was third at 7 percent. Prayer in public schools, once a major concern among religious and social conservatives, ranked a surprising 10th place in the poll.

Nate Silver at 538 points out: "These are not the tea-partiers, who have a libertarian bent. This is a forum, rather, sponsored by the Family Research Council, an organization which continues to insist that homosexuality is curable and to link it to pedophilia." he continues "This is not to suggest that these voters have become pro-gay marriage. If any of them was spotted in leather chaps at Remington's after the event -- it was not, I assure you, to show solidarity for their gay brothers and sisters." 

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